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What are the appliance repair tips?

At the time of use and maintenance of household electrical appliances, in order to prevent electrical accidents occur, users and devices to take protective measures. Protection of people usually have a protective ground zero voltage, leakage protection, security, and protection of equipment protection short circuit protection, overload protection, under voltage protection, and so on.
1. Protective earthing and protective zeroing
(1) the basic concept of transmission and distribution system
① grounding electrical equipment no part of soil and intercropping good electrical connections with the Earth, called the grounding.
II grounding (t) is used to direct contact with the soil of the Earth, there is a certain resistance to one or more of the metal conductor, known as earthing or grounding electrode, such as angle iron, steel and steel pipe buried in the ground. Grounding symbols t.
③ grounding (G) connected to the earthing and grounding of electrical equipment between the metal conductor, called the grounding line. The symbols for g.
II Earth is general term for earthing and grounding wire.
II Earth current due to insulation damage caused grounding of electrical equipment and the current flows to Earth, grounding or earthing short circuit current. Called the grounding or earthing short circuit current.

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