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Refrigerator odor removal tip

Used for a long time in the fridge, and there will be bad taste, called to endure. Do you know? In addition to washing with deodorant deodorant or outside the refrigerator, and the easy way, quickly and easily remove refrigerator odors.
1. full out of the burnt coal briquettes, put it in the fridge (of course, in order to make the refrigerator clean, you can put it in a plate), the place can smell after a day or two.
2. steamed left a small piece of the dough, put the dough in the bowl, and then into the refrigerator freezer top refrigerator 2-3 months no odor.
3.50 grams of tea in the refrigerator wrapped in gauze, out in the Sun in a month, and then loaded into the gauze into the freezer and repeated use, you can also remove refrigerator odors.
4. with a clean cotton towel, neatly folded on a refrigerator the upper rack, towels on the micro-holes can absorb refrigerator odors, over time the towel wash out with warm water and dried after use.
5. pieces of fresh orange peel and wash the dried, spread out on the fridge, orange peel, the smell also can remove the smell in the fridge.
6. cut a lemon in half, do not cover wrap. Put the lime in the upper refrigerator Cabinet, scent of lemon flavor can smell in the fridge in a week away completely.
7. pieces of charcoal to the fridge freezer, unique porous structure of bamboo charcoal can rapidly absorb odors in the refrigerator. After a period of time, take it out in the Sun to dry charcoal, you can continue to use.

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