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Gas water heater maintenance

As a special sanitary appliances, water heater maintenance extremely nervous, on the one hand to ensure peace; the other hand reaches its expected life. Therefore, a good water heater wants quiet and full use, you must do the following:
wash tank on a regular basis. After long-term use, contains trace amounts of impurities in the water and mineral deposits, such as not washing regularly, will affect the water quality and the use of life expectancy. 18 months should be thoroughly washed regularly, when the wash tank should turn off the power, open the drain, and rinse with water.
checked regularly every year. On quiet performance and other some potential of hidden do fine of detection and clear, specific environment can please technical Member Guide.
long-term bad with, to close power, will within bile of storage water emptying, specific Essentials please reference products stated book.
for ensure water heater of normal using, monthly needed on quiet valve held many Yu once of maintenance, guarantee quiet valve of normal relief pressure, specific Essentials reference products stated book.

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