Deactivate the refrigerator how to properly start after

Few days the 30-degree heat, mean hot summer has finally arrived, a lot of friends this refrigerator stopped during the winter months when restarted. Today, small series will give you all the refrigerator when you restart of some note, come and have a look.
long after stop using dangerous
fridge stopped for a long time after the compressor oil sinks in sticky, the working parts of the machine in a dry state. If power on, piston compressor will work without lubrication, will affect compressor life.
disabled for a long time how to start
refrigerator stops again after a start for a long time to be 3 instant start. Specific practices are: plugged in and then unplug, in 5 minutes again, a total of 3 times, then party to power.

expert recommendations after the initial boot if abnormal noise, temperature, leakage and other failures or downtime, regular professional maintenance of enterprises should be asked, not apart to repair itself, so as not to expand the scope of failure. Problems when using
first, usually clean up the box of leftovers as soon as possible. Leftover items easy to make refrigerator odor on the one hand, on the other hand are susceptible to erosion of various bacteria and should be consumed as soon as possible, but make sure to eat before heating.
Second, should regularly clean the refrigerator, usually about three months power cleaning. Cleaning including defrosting the ice and clean inside the box.
third, pay attention to cleaning the fridge door seal. Refrigerator door seal on more than 10 kinds of microorganisms, is prone to various diseases of the human body, so regular cleaning. Dry cloth soaked with alcohol if you can wash and wipe seal, work best.

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