Air conditioning maintenance of air cleaning

Air conditioner cleaning should include three parts, first air conditioner casing and exposed part of the body, the parts are easier to be contaminated; the second is filter cleaning, it is the place where most families to clear; the third is a condenser and evaporator section, is the core part of air cleaning.
1, air conditioning, body shell and parts cleaning
on air conditioning the body shell and parts cleaning is simple, as long as water with a pinch of powdered SOAP and detergent, or specialized air conditioning cleaning fluid can put air conditioning machine parts clean.
home air conditioning filter cleaning cleaning cleaning is filter.
indoor unit open the shell, observe the inner filter free of dust and odors. If dust or odors is serious, to cleaning the filter. When clean the filter, first cut off the power, open the Panel, take out the filter. After dusting brush vacuum filters, and then washed with water. When dirty oil, detergents or mild soap and water to clean, rinse with water and dry up. Should be noted that must not be more than 40 ℃ hot water wash. Cannot use washing powder, detergent, gasoline, bananas, water, cleaning, avoid mesh deformation. In addition, rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth or a cool, dry, and never to the Sun or oven drying by the Fire Department to prevent mesh deformation.
after installing filters on, plug in 3-5 minutes, set the remote control in the refrigeration mode, temperature setting in the lowest condition, power on the run. Try to find hidden air conditioning running, speed switch is set in the remote control runs on different stalls, observed within the machine if there is abnormal noise. Power on running outside for about 15 minutes to observe fans are working properly, outside the machine if there is abnormal noise. Power on running about 30 minutes to observe an indoor air no cold air, the outdoor unit there is no condensation water outlet pipe flow, the water is smooth.
3 cleaning
, condenser and evaporator section of condenser and evaporator section is the core part of air cleaning. Air conditioning is mainly through the condenser and evaporator section run reaches refrigeration effect. General air conditioning in two years ' time is not cleaning the condenser and evaporator accumulates above about 2mm thick grime temporarily, seriously affecting the effect of air conditioning and refrigeration, and air conditioning and refrigeration for longer hours, increased power consumption, reduced service life and so on.
cleaning the condenser and evaporator section generally professionals can be cleaned, because aluminum fins of the condenser and evaporator section is only 0.2mm, is vulnerable. Cleaning professional cleaning air cleaning agent and tools. Now commercially available cleaning agent brand hybrid the recommended brands of detergent to ensure air conditioning from harm. BACK

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