After the toilet how to solve

What toilet, worry-free plumbing to help you out!
toilet (toilet) blocking is usually divided into two: one is the soft material block (usually waste, paper towels, rags, etc), is a hard-blocked (toothbrush, plastic caps, small comb, small toys, pens, etc). Of course there may be other causes of the blockage, such as a problem with the pipeline itself, and so on. We are talking about here is the common cause.
toilet (toilet) common method of blocking to dredge: 1, MOP method: use your MOP MOP. First put the mops in the toilet and water to ensure water drown the MOP. Then press the MOP, try to plug it into the mouth of the toilet, and finally mops filed at the fastest rate, repeated movements, things will be sucking out of the toilet, piping can be smooth.
2, find a long piece of plastic pipe, a water, a stuffed into a toilet and plugged up the toilet with a rag, and open water, which would use hydraulic dredge pipeline.
3, to the 2 shops or junk shop to buy a manual plungers (like Springs), own dredge, a dredger is a few Yuan.
specific reasons and solutions, toilet a slight obstruction: is generally caused by tissue paper or napkins, towels, cloth and other toilet block, this directly using a simple dredge of dredge or tool you can dredge.
2 hard blocked, toilet: use it accidentally fell into the plastic brush, bottle caps, SOAP, combs and other hard objects. This blockage slight dredge can be used directly or simple plungers directly to dredge, which must take apart the toilet to clear, but getting something out of this condition can be completely resolved. Aging plug
3, toilet: toilet for a long time, inevitably, on the inner wall of scaling, severe, you may plug the vent resulting in toilet toilet water slowly, the solution is: scratch the dirt found ventilation holes can leave the toilet the water cleared.
4, toilet installation error: general categories: export at the bottom of the pool drain no alignment position, screw holes on the bottom of the toilet completely seal will cause the toilet water flow, toilet tank water level is not high enough influence the flushing effect.
5, and squat pit modified toilet: some old house building Shi installation of is squat pit, water pipeline bottom using of is u type waterproof elbow, in again caused toilet of when, best can put bottom elbow into directly bent, if for can't, that in installation toilet Qian on must to do bottom anti-water bent cleanup work, installation is avoid let cement or tile debris off in. Clogged drain caused by
6, hair: after a sewer after a period of time, usually the accumulation of hair hanging on the wall of the bath will cause blocking, bathroom floor drain caused by hair clogging shower bathtub, washbasin plug, plug, plug. So they use must cover the floor drain covers and other protection facilities, such as hair can pick up and throw to the rubbish bin. Hair than a clogged drain, what will happen? This blockage solved, using hand-operated plungers can dredge the drains, if seriously you must use a dredge machine BACK

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